What is
Sports Massage Therapy?
Sports Massage is a ‘hands on’ treatment technique which involves the manipulation of soft tissue in order to release tension, restore range of motion, reduce pain, and maintain good posture.

Sports massage is typically a lot stronger
than other types of massages. A sports massage incorporates different techniques like Swedish massage to stimulate circulation of blood and fluids (lymph) , and trigger points to break down adhesions (knots in the muscles), as well as stretching to increase the range of motion.
Sports massage has a number of benefits both physical, and psychological. Some of the reported benefits include:

pain relief
increased flexibility
decreased muscle tension and muscle spasms
faster recovery
better sleep
anxiety reduction
Choose this treatment to have your therapist work deeper into the muscles. There is more emphasis on altering structure and muscle restrictions, alleviation of pain, increased relaxation and longer lasting benefits. The strokes used are deep and slow, so as to move the muscle and stretch it along the fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints). This massage relieves tension & pain, release adhesions and lengthens muscles. The elimination of pain brings about better posture, more flexibility and fluid movement.
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In addition to conventional sports massage we also provide you with a personalised post treatment programme, postural advice, and exercise routine to help speed up your body’s natural healing process.